DOTON PLAZA TOUR (DOTON PLAZA Tea Ceremony experience ticket provided) → KANSAI International Airport
DOTON PLAZA游览 (提供DOTON PLAZA茶道体验券) → 关西国际机场
※ Specific Schedule (Course)

E Schedule: “Information” in front of DOTON PLAZA (meet at 08:50 + meet guide) → DOTON PLAZA Tea Ceremony experience ticket provision → After Tea Ceremony experience → DOTON PLAZA meeting place (meet at 09:20, depart at 09:30) → Kansai International Airport arrival (10:20) and dispersion. 

※ DOTON YOUTOURBUS Special Benefit

① DOTON PLAZA Tea Ceremony experience ticket provided ☆ (Local price of 1,000 Yen)

※ Included Items

- Bus fees


※ Unincluded Items

- Local food costs, extra personal costs, guide

※ Price

Adult : ¥1,500 (Adults: Above 12 years of age)

Child : ¥1,000 (Children: More than 6 years ~ less than 12 years of age)

Toddler : ¥500 (Toddlers: More than 2 years ~ less than 6 years of age)

Baby : Free (Toddlers[Free]: Less than 24 months old)

(Based on American age and cost for 1 person)

This is a “Planned travel based on recruitment”; therefore we will be recruiting anyone interested in this travel plan and will confirm the schedule when we exceed the minimum number of required people (required minimum: 1 person). 


Planned travel based on recruitmentis a travel plan that first goes through the recruitment and confirms the travel schedule once the number of people recruited exceeds the required minimum. 



※ If not specifically mentioned, the minimum number of required people is one. The trip may ben cancelled if the number of reserved people is lower than that of the minimum required. 

※ Advance payment in all travel expenses is requested. 

※ Smoking is prohibited on the bus in all circumstances. 

※ Depending on the local traffic, delay in arrival may occur. Thank you for your understanding in advance. 

※ All terms of services related to travel (sub-agreement of Planned travel based on recruitment) will be applied. 

※ 详细日程(线路)指南:

E-日程:DOTON PLAZA咨询中心前(08:50集合与引导员会面)→提供DOTON PLAZA茶道体验券→茶道体验结束后→DOTON PLAZA集合地点集合(09:20集合/09:30出发)→到达关西国际机场(10:20)后各自解散


① 提供DOTON PLAZA茶道体验券☆(相当于当地价格1,000日元)

※ 包含项目

- 巴士车票

※ 不包含项目

- 当地用餐费用、其他私人经费、旅客保险等、巴士导游。

※ 价格

成人 : ¥1,500 (成人:12岁以上)

儿童 : ¥1,000 (儿童:6岁~12岁)

幼儿 : ¥500 (幼儿:2岁~6岁)

婴儿 : 免费 (婴儿[免费]:不满24个月)






※ 最少出发人员是出发前没有特别言及的1人。预约人员达不到最少人员时,出发将会取消。

※ 旅游代款需要事前支付。

※ 当司旅游的整个过程中,车内禁止吸烟。

※ 随当天的交通混杂情况,到达时间有可能会延迟。希望理解。

※ 会应用旅游业条款( 招募式计划旅游合约的附)


旅行日数 : 0泊1日

最少催行人数 : 1人

ガイド : なし

利用交通機関 : バス 利用 (家康コーポレーション)

食事回数 : 食事なし

宿泊ホテル : ホテル設定なし

旅行企画・実施 : YOU TOUR 株式会社

販売企業 : YOU TOUR 株式会社




Adult : ¥1,500

Child : ¥1,000

Toddler : ¥500

Baby : Free

Departure Time