Overall Process for On-board 

This explains the overall process of the trip from selecting the course up to actually getting on-board.


1. Select a course 

DOTON PISTION BUS provides two travel courses from the Kansai Airport to Osaka’s DOTON PLAZA area. 

Course 1) Free sightseeing of DOTON PLAZA + Pick up/Drop off service (DOTON PLAZA -> Kansai International Airport) 
Course 2) Pick up/Drop off service (Kansai International Airport -> DOTON PLAZA) + Free sightseeing of DOTON PLAZA


Both two courses are a single day bus tour. 

This is a “Planned travel based on recruitment”; therefore we will be recruiting anyone interested in this travel plan and will confirm the schedule when we exceed the minimum number of required people (required minimum: 1 person). 

Planned travel based on recruitment
is a travel plan that first goes through the recruitment and confirms the travel schedule once the number of people recruited exceeds the required minimum. 


※ If not specifically mentioned, the minimum number of required people is one. The trip may ben cancelled if the number of reserved people is lower than that of the minimum required. 
※ Advance payment in all travel expenses is requested. 
※ Smoking is prohibited on the bus in all circumstances. 
※ Depending on the local traffic, delay in arrival may occur. Thank you for your understanding in advance. 
※ All terms of services related to travel (sub-agreement of Planned travel based on recruitment) will be applied. 


2. Application

Online application is available on this website. An email will be sent for confirmation of the reservation. Please print a copy of the confirmation or save a copy in your mobile device for the actual date of departure. 

Online reservation ends at 17:00 of the previous business day; however, if there are vacancies, reservation will still be available in the DOTON PLAZA information center “YOUTOURBUS Reservation center”. We highly recommend you to hurry up on the reservations. 
* Important: Online reservation is not available on Saturdays, Sundays, and National holidays. 
* Reservation starts from 9:00am; 3 months prior to the departure date. 

If there is a vacancy on the departure date, you are welcome to visit the “YOUTOURBUS Reservation Center”, the DOTON PLAZA information center, and purchase the tickets. (Only available until 10 minutes prior of departure). 

※ Travel may be cancelled if the total number of reserved customers are less than the minimum required. 

About minimum requirement departure:
If the group meets the minimum number of required people or other requirements, the departure will be decided at any time.

About the bus company:
Ieyasu Corporation, Inc. (regular large vehicle / no toilets) 


3. Payment

- Select method of payment on the website.
• Credit Card : VISA, Master, AMEX (STRIPE online payment: https : //stripe.com/jp)
• PayPal

- Select method of payment at DOTON PLAZA information center "YOUTOURBUS Reservation Center".
• Credit Card : JCB, Diners, AMEX, VISA, Master, DISCOVER, 銀聯, Shinhan 
• Cash : ¥Japanese Yen


Change / Cancellation of Reservation
Please contact YOU TOUR company (T.092-292-0624) or the DOTON PLAZA “YOUTOURBUS Reservation Center (T.06-6212-6161)” for any changes or cancellation of the reservation. 


Cancellation Fee
Cancellation, Change: Change Fee
(All days below are counted from the day of departure)

1. 21 days prior: Free
2. 20 days prior (exempt 3~8 below): Free 
3. 10 days prior (exempt 4~8 below): 20% of total expense
4. 7 days prior (exempt 5~8 below): 30% of total expense
5. 1 day prior: 40% of total expense
6. On the date of departure: 50% of total expense
7. No show with no prior notice: 100% of total expense
8. Cancellation after departure: 100% of total expense

- If the travel expense is not paid before the actual date of departure, we will consider as being cancelled and will charge the cancellation fee accordingly. 
- Change of departure date due to the customer’s own reason will be considered as cancellation of the whole trip and will be charged a small amount of cancellation fee. 


Refund Policy
① Customers who paid using credit card will be refunded through the credit cad bank.
Depending on the bank’s closing time or accounting end date, the actual expense may be charged after the cancellation is processed. Also, the actual refund may be processed on the next month. Please contact your credit card bank for the actual refund date due to personal information is related. 
※ In case of cancellation or any changes, we will ask for your credit card number again due to re-charging of any fees. 
② Customers who paid by cash at the DOTON PLAZA information center “YOUTOURBUS Reservation Center” will be refunded with cash. 


4. Departure Date 

If the payment has not been completed or there are any changes in the number of people in the group, please complete all the necessary procedures in the DOTON PLAZA information center “YOUTOURBUS Reservation Center” no later than 20 minutes prior to departure. 

For customers who have already completed their payment via cash or credit card, please arrive at the meeting area 15~20 minutes prior to departure and present the following documents. 

■ Reserved through the website: A print copy of reservation confirmation email or a copy saved in their mobile device
(If the customer reserved on the website but have not yet paid the expense, please pay the the DOTON PLAZA information center “YOUTOURBURS Reservation Center”)

■ Reserved through the DOTON PLAZA Information Center “YOUTOURBUS Reservation Center”: Payment Receipt  


※ A guide will help on-boarding the bus on-board 10 minutes prior of departure. 

Meeting location
For Free sightseeing of DOTON PLAZA + Pick up/ Drop off service (DOTON PLAZA -> Kansai International Airport) course: 

For Pick up/ Drop off service (Kansai International Airport -> DOTON PLAZA) + Free sightseeing of DOTON PLAZA
A guide will be waiting at the Kansai Airport 1st floor (International Arrival: In front of the information at the South gate)